Body Maxx Multi Bench Press 20 in 1 Heavy Duty

Brand: Body Maxx

Product Code: BTWB6

Availability: In Stock

Price: INR 8,999.00 INR 6,999.00
  • In-Box Contents: 20 in 1 Bench For Daily Exercises, 20 in 1 Bench It can be used (Flat /Incline/Decline/ / Lag Curl/Leg Extension/ Lat pull Down /Ground Pulley/Arm Curl / Chest press / Butterfly/Dips/Twister) , If you want the ability to perform all the basic barbell and dumbbell exercises then this bench should be your choice & Will Fulfill Your Fitness Requirements.
  • A Combination of all gym Equipment’s for the Perfect Workout, It is Highly Durable and Long Lasting, A Perfect Muscle Builder
  • Note: No Installation Provided, Customer has to install its own


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